Coast City Comicon

Finally after all these years, Portland, Maine has it’s own true comic con! Finally a place to let your nerd flag fly. Finally there is a place for real comic fans to dress as Forbush Man and pick up back issues of Daredevil. We love indy books, but we shall not be shamed for liking the Fantastic Four. Come and bask in all things nerd, from comics to vintage videogames, to Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. Nerds of the world unite!

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There are still tables available for artists and vendors! If you are interested, Email me.


Game Geeks will be running Heroclix Superman Sealed Drafts all weekend $24 (clix included)

Magic The Gathering:

Standard Constructed

If you are looking to stay overnight in Portland, just mention the convention to the Eastland Park Hotel, and get a Deluxe room for only 93.00! Act fast, room is limited.

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